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The Western Society and the White Impulse

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1The Western Society and the White Impulse Empty The Western Society and the White Impulse Ke Marras 05, 2014 5:11 am



Tässä eräs kirjoitukseni, here is one writing of mine.

The western society, civilization and culture has been made just as unnaturally white as white sugar. it is naturally brown and has been traditionally used with the black extraction of the sugar cane, molasses. Natural lightness has been made unnatural white. The western impulse is white, but it has been made too white. White in the ancient world was the color of purity, for example, but also that of death and rigidity. The skeleton of most creatures is white. So the western impulse has become all too much that of death, as can be seen, and also that of life-killing purity, not life-bearing purity. In the western world, through the whitening of the New Testament, many words and things that are more dark have been made something they are only from too whitened perspective. Demon or Daemon or Demond, there are many ways for saying the word, meant a part of one's Spirit or a Spirit Guide or Spirit Companion. Also, certain type of aggression has been made taboo.

I actually wrote a long writing about dark things that have been made what they are not, but the computer crashed. It is even possible that Jesus Christ was Black with Dreadlocks, but I wrote a long writing about this possibility. Rudolf Steiner had certain opinions, but he made Jesus Christ look strangely much like himself. Either way, the picture we have of Jesus Christ is that of a Roman Caesar, I forget who, not that of Jesus Christ. The western society is nowadays very editing and conventional, pretty much nothing should be talked about. The Plutonian impulse of destruction of such things that are unwanted is not there, everything becomes bureaucratic and sure, convenient. There should be no difference. Differing opinions cannot be argued. This is actually not criticism, but a statement. I don't care but I state, I care as much as I state.


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