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roots of christianity and relation of black and white race

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christianity or messianity has its roots on older mystery traditions. some similarities can be seen on most of the better known religions and spiritual traditions. some of the egyptian or kemetic leaders were called messiahs, that is, the anointed ones, and the anointing w-rites were similar to original christian. there is a time of jesus or yashuah that we don't know about through the new testament that is atleast the widely accepted one. some say that jesus was in egyptian mystery schools for a long time. some of the mystery of egypt and its relation to the western world put in plain here:


i do not agree necessarily that christianity is a fabrication of kemetic spirituality, it could be a continuation. also, the white and the black race have been cooperating onto 16th century a.d., and it has also been said that for a long while europeans were the slaves of the black race. some say that the name europa comes from an african slave goddess of the same name. it is also said that the statue of a woman that is built in france and in the united states, there it is called the statue of liberty, and it is being portrayed as the symbol of a country that is called the land of the free, is of the same goddess. that would be ironical. the word peon would come from the word european, and the name of the nationality of slavs is also said to have the same meaning.




searching from this document the word slave, one can find a depiction of the european slave trade: OUT OF CHAOS COMES ORDER http://www.dralimelbey.com/afmr-ancient-free-moorish-rite-clifford-e-hazel-bey-lodge-no-1.html

the slavs, the irish and the finns have all been enslaved. here is a depiction of the story of the slavs. there are officially 400 million slavics in the world, that is the 4th greatest ethnicity in the world.  ALL Original Slaves were WHITE - 100%: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9E0Wj_vMRU

in a video Kemet The Mother Of Christianity Professor Mathu Ater notes on why was the first nation of europe closest to africa to become civilized. i add that there is a claim of an old connection with ireland, scotland and kemet. ireland and scotland has been really controlled many centuries. scotland's name is claimed to have come from the kemetic princess scotia. also, an old roman map depicts a great kingdom of finns. finland has also been oppressed many centuries, and it is clear that the finnish history is false, because there are many castle ruins that are not accounted in any way in the official story.

he notes that moses was agyptian. moses is a title, like in the name of tuthmoses. the old testament is written in a long time. there were many moses'. the vatican worships isis. the black madonna, hail mary. there is a claim that there is a secret black pope, who is more important than the white pope. i didn't know that osiris was the oldest resurrected leader in the known world story. he was put into 14 pieces, and isis could not find the penis, the 14th piece, and she erected the basilisk ben-ben. some say that in the ancient world the longevity was seen from the length of the penis.

the lake of fire is claimed to be kemetic, created by mountains.  eden was kemet. osiris had four sons like the four apostles who made the gospels. the pope plagiarises osiris, has an osirian hat and the four apostles in his hat like the four sons of osiris in front of him. the joker is the main being of tarot, and he has the hat of the four colors, it is the same thing, four winds, four elements. alchemy comes from kemet through arabia. before being men we were gods, that is, neteru, nature, the el-ements of nature. el means creator.

osiris or the joker or enki/ankh-i is the fifth element. joker, humor (that means proportion) is the uniting way of being. in alchemy is depicted the path of the fool, that some claim to be in the body the path of the cerebrospinal system, that of kundalini. the word fool comes from the word sole, sun. osiris and jesus/yashuah are depicted as sun-leaders. yashuah has the solar halo (from the name of sun helios), and they are both sons of the head creator, and the sun is also in a way the son of the head creator. a lot of the life of these creators is the annual path of the sun.

some say that the statue of liberty depicts the goddess europa, professor mathu ater says it depicts isis.


UNTOLD BLACK HISTORY: The Moors & Myths Surrounding The Slavery Holocaust pt.1

description of the video: discrepancies in the history of the slave trade. most of the slave trade went in reverse from the given slave trade history, from america to europe. columbus started this. when american moors started dying, they were replaced by saharan africans. the description of these slave boats is insensible. the black afircans went to america by world wide winds and currents.


UNTOLD BLACK HISTORY: The Moors & Myths Surrounding The Slavery Holocaust pt.2

notes on the video: malian dogons were the first africans in america. olmecs were malian moors, qutzacoat means black mexican, there are paintings of african mayan leaders, european masons paid tribute to the moors well into the 18th century, shakespeare's othello, most famous moor, was depicted as a black african, the moors taught the european masons to create the the novus ordo seclorum (new secular order of the ages), e pluribus unum (out of many peoples and nations, one), this was taken by the vatican jesuits in the late 18th century (after the masons stopped paying tribute to the moors). this phrase new world order is used by many politicians. 

America is Morocco the Empire: Ask an Arab ?

a really different depiction of the united states of america, claiming that it was originally owned by maroccoans.  barack obama and joe biden have said, that morocco was the first country to recognize the united states of america. it is said that it is not a country but a corporation. george washington's supposed letter recognizes all of this. the known flag of the united states is a business flag and a war-time flag. united states have been at war for a long time. many of the european countries have become officially corporations after joining the european union.





there is a lot of information here, but i hope some will enjoy it.


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