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some writing for the toilet papers

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1some writing for the toilet papers Empty some writing for the toilet papers To Joulu 29, 2016 1:10 pm



some writing for the toilet papers!

i am proof itself, elf the immemorial liquor from the shelf

stealthy mighty healthy wealth of the ancient underground levels
leveling all clever ones
spirit bums the don corleone of the vortex connection
x marks the spot on the mission
i am nuclear fission
evaporating all in the business
finessing all isness, thisness, thatness
bat shit crazy mess fastest in the wild wild west atlantis
time bandits
i am the candid camera of the world
nu world borders
letting the ancient kemetic orders to soften
for the new souls to get some freedom more often
ekhnaton and the unknown, aton, ra and the all night long
suppressed energies going in this damn song
put it straight, put it wrung in the can-tel string om
the heavenly rigid, fluid, digit, tauroidal sigils
the last vigilante
ante up
cup of shanti
mentimental sentimental chant a band of infinite amount of beings
things going damp and all deep
i got keys to the jeep
no need to weep in the jackpot, jack in the world center box,
who is it, santa claus, the ox, the ah niu fox ducked in cover
my name is all being, and all power
the four world corner towers
the world is a checker board with the sun 24-horus lamp, moon 60 minute stamp, and earth 60 sicond amp,
the heavenly 24 and 60 make the 1440 heaven amplification
the rising and falling of all nations
some points will need more patience!
essence of the inmost ambience
flamboyant man
from the clan of the unknown land
the hidden hand
of all times of sand
the grand finale reminder
all binder
finder of the last of the lost
boastful manners from coast to coast
this phy-sic-el being is a host of a million chiefs


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