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spiritual writing in the style of william blake

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american cabon beings, you never left afurica, you never left kamat.

donald trump came to power to not have ww iii.

the elder ones are watching and unpleased, if we have such an emotion.

behind there's a door.

what are you waiting?

the door is closed.

and you are trapped.

eleven eleven,

when the egg shell is broken the mind becomes a power

everything is vibration and i vibrate everything.

knowledge is reserved for soldiers only.

ordeals are needed to test the strength of character.

gods delve among men.

immortality is in the eyes

no need to believe anything testable.

tests made and interpreted by authorities that are not tested by oneself are a belief. therefore, almost all science is belief.

we live in the time of knowing. know truth in all your being. know life in all your being. know beyond your all being. know the center of all your being.


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