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About Tikal and Dam

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1About Tikal and Dam Empty About Tikal and Dam Ke Syys 17, 2014 6:29 pm



Here's some little basic glimpses to my certain Spiritual Science Research, probably not undeerstandable as such; it's just the bases to many things without further explanation. This is from a conversation, I've explained a lot more in here than in the original conversation. The explanations are in as of yet unwritten libraries within my brain.


"i've been thinking about whether I'm getting into the inmost state of madness
The Fool or Madman is the final Tarot card originally. Though Tarot can be put into more cards. Madness is a natural part of the whole process. Method Man, method, madness, the Fools or Madmen Ol' Dirty Bastard and Busta Rhymes are connected to Method Man. Ol' Dirty Bastard died at around 44 years old (maybe 43), telling everyone that he will be killed by George W. Bush, Busta Rhymes went from skinny to very big and muscular->vitality, and he's openly in the branch of the government, Illuminati etc.

I thought about Tarot a bit before you posted that video yesterday, i thought that people should study me rather than Tarot, because it's all in me
Method Man and Dam/Da Man/Damien
Dam, Mad
Damien is the God of War, in my name there is the word Peace, or World Peace too
We're all related
Many of us have operated as parts of a being called Ea/Enki, Ea->Earth, S-Ea
Or in unison as a being called Ea/Enki, that is, The Lord of Earth"


"Today a teenager called Daniel came to work in M...k (M)
Method Man calls himself Tical->Tikal, the Solar God-King of Mayans, whose Queen died early
He built a great Pyramid for her memory. Departure from the opposite sex->vampirism, Method Man has often used vampire teeth and has called himself vampire
A Lunar Vampire just called me, one of my closest friends
Man, reference to his own sex, "cause i'm a dog and I've got no love for the cat". Dog is a male solar animal, cat is a female lunar animal
Method Man, the letter M twice, double the same. There is something to learn from everything, a simple label of good or evil does not correlate with the Being of the Whole
The letter M is written in my heart, and it is the connection I have to Method Man, a contract that is old and almost died

Also Method Man has used a white lense in his left eye, which is the Solar eye connected to the right brain hemisphere.
This is why the Left Eye is the symbol of the Solar Illuminati
Vampirism is natural to a point, reception, until it becomes far departure from the opposite sex or possibly one's opposite power. This is at least how vampirism is classically defined, though it's incomplete. Or maybe incomplete
Mayans (the letter M) were the Keepers of Time. Maya=Time=Illusion. In my revelations, Method Man is a Lord of Illusions like me, and he references time all the time, especially coupled with his name Tical. Album Tical 2000 etc. all the way. Damien is also connected to the Moon (letter M) and therefore Time, me too. Method Man is connected to people who are in some way the most evil in this planet.

Dam is the possessor of Hitler, and Hitler competed in certain planetary evilness with Stalin. Hitler had both method and madness (so does Method Man, as a side-note). His soul's present incarnation is similar, but so cold that he's mentally deranged, reaping bad karma. Dam, Mad. Da Man, reference to one's sex. Also, Dam and Hitler are both strongly sexual vampires, that is, vampires of sexual energy. For me, Method Man is also time-traveling Malcolm X. In time-travel, one's body may change. Malcolm, M, and X can also be put into the form M."


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